It’s a New Year….2017

It’s a new year. Time for reflection and renewal. My art is continuing to be guided by the mixed media process. My time spent creating and making art during the year 2016 was controlled by ┬ápersonal and family needs and necessities.

In 2017 ,I will devise a plan with more structured time to create . I will commit to the plan. It sounds so simple. I guess it is. It requires discipline . Ok , commitment and discipline ; two of my greatest weaknesses . I will continue to have personal and family needs and necessities. I need to prioritize my art and creating process.img_4426



Full Circle

My art has come full circle. I love creating in my studio. Enough said. I have discovered a love for mixed media and making journals. Life is good.

On the other hand,I’ve been working very hard,all day, trying to begin creating a web page. A computer tech, I am not. It can be frustrating. I’m working on it and trying to think of it as creating. Ugh!

It’s late evening and I’m very tired. I will conclude this entry and continue these ramblings as the days and weeks go by.